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ReBOUND® & Shopify

Want to revolutionise your Returns with ReBOUND®, but need to seamlessly integrate their global platform with your Shopify eCommerce store?

Patchworks iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) seamlessly connects your Returns Management and eCommerce. Giving you more time to focus on delighting your customers.

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How can Patchworks help?

By automating and orchestrating the flow of data between ReBOUND® and Shopify with our tried and trusted integration platform:

  • Crack On – deploy Patchworks, configure your integration and you’re up and running. No need to embark on a lengthy custom-coding venture
  • Costs kept to a Minimum – Not only is running your own integration project time-consuming, it’s also risky and expensive. Our platform removes the risk and controls your costs, as it’s ready to deploy and is updated constantly
  • Experts on Tap – integrating Shopify websites is something our experienced team of integration professionals do every week. Benefit from our knowledge and experience and don’t miss out on an opportunity to turn your customers into repeat purchasers and advocates.
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The Challenge

  • You’ve pimped your online store and are already feeling the benefit, but the increase in Returns that you and the team are having to process as a result is stretching your processes and systems to breaking point. Not to mention your loyal customers
  • Returns are a drain on profit and customer goodwill. You don’t have a handle on who’s returning what or why. You know a leading SaaS solution,  like ReBOUND®, is the answer, but aren’t clear on how to start
  • You want to remain agile and know that developing your own integration with ReBOUND® has the potential to tie you down.
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Find out how we aided the UK’s fastest growing business of 2016

Find out how we aided the UK’s fastest growing business of 2016

When Black Friday flooded their site with orders, Gymshark’s systems struggled to cope. That’s why we connected their ecommerce platform to their warehouse, powered by a platform that can sync thousands of orders a minute.

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