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Magento & Visual 2000

Are you struggling to integrate Magento with Visual 2000? Overcome obstacles to your growth with Patchworks. Our integration platform will connect your eCommerce and ERP systems, allowing you to grow without spending your profits.

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What can Patchworks do for you?

Patchworks transfers all of your key data between Magento and Visual 2000 in real-time

  • Instant Integration – Patchworks is pre-built, externally hosted on our servers and can be deployed to you at any time
  • Expert guidance – our integration experts will ensure total integration of your systems and give you invaluable advice about your setup
  • Time is money – reduce inflating costs with automatic transfer of your data
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Automate your business

Your problem

  • You need to control your operation from Visual 2000, but you can’t get your Magento data to sync
  • You cant afford to invest in a custom integration package that could quickly become outdated
  • You may have to take on extra staff to manage the amount of data you are receiving
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Automate your business

Our solution

Complete integration of your system with Patchworks

  • Accelerate your productivity – allow your data to be managed automatically and redirect your resources to other areas of your business
  • Real-time insight – have access to all of your data when you need it and where you need it in real-time
  • Guard your future – move into new sales channels and incorporate new software solutions with ease
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Pre-built connectors

Our out-of-the-box connectors provide instant integration for your retail operation. Our integrations team are on hand to help you achieve the perfect configuration for your operation.


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