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Magento & Merlin

Looking for super easy Magento and Merlin integration?

Patchworks is the solution you have been searching for! Our integration tools are tailored to the demands of your business and integrate a whole host of the worlds leading POS, eCommerce, ERP, Accounting and Marketplace packages

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Whats Patchworks can do for you

Patchworks provides real-time transfer of all your key business data between Magento and Merlin, accelerating your data processing and removing the need for manual data entry

  • Instant integration – our powerful platform is ready for deployment and can get to work integrating your software today!
  • Bespoke integration – our expert consultants will not only get your systems integrated, but will give you comprehensive advice on the best software for your business
  • Save time and money – forget having to spend hours duplicating your data by hand, Patchworks streamlines your data in real-time to boost your productivity
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Is this you?

  • You are struggling to make your Merlin and Magento packages work together, but you don’t want to have to spend money adopting a new platform
  • You need to be able to control your total operation from your ERP package, as you don’t have the resources to update and maintain two systems
  • You’ve received quotes for custom integration developments but they’re too expensive and time consuming
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How can we help?

Patchworks provides instant integration

  • Accelerate productivity – streamline your data flow and get an increased insight into your total business operation
  • Take advantage of new channels – once integrated you will be able to move into new sales channels and implement leading software packages into your business effortlessly
  • 24/7 Support – Patchworks is continually updated and maintained with an ever increasing portfolio of products with which it can integrate
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What Patchworks will do for you!

Pre-integration consultancy

  • Smart Data Mapping to identify your key business data
  • We identify and solve any inventory conflicts with Patchworks SKU cleanse
  • Expert advice to get maximum efficiency from your software systems

Magento and Merlin integration

  • Improved insight into your total business operation
  • Patchworks syncs your orders, sales and stock levels across multiple platforms to streamline your workflow
  • Automated order processing and transactions
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Find out how we helped This Works go global
This Works

Find out how we helped This Works go global

After finding their growth limited by an out-of-date platform, This Works decided to deploy new ecommerce and ERP systems. By integrating their new apps through Patchworks, This Works were able to adopt new territories with ease, automating their global operations from their base in the UK.

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