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Cybertill & Magento

Use Cybertill for your EPoS system and Magento for eCommerce, but finding it difficult to integrate the two? Patchworks makes integrating POS, eCommerce, and ERP systems easy. No custom development costs, minimal disruption to sales, no barriers to your business’s growth.

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What can Patchworks do for you?

Patchworks organises and automates the flow of data between Magento and Cybertill

  • Save time and money by avoiding expensive custom development – we’ve got everything set up already!
  • Get started quickly and efficiently – using Patchworks doesn’t require any coding!
  • Benefit from our integration experience – we’ll offer you our expert advice to ensure you get the right solution for you
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Automate your business

Your predicament

  • You’ve just started using Cybertill or Magento, or you’re looking to streamline your processes. But they don’t sync up easily!
  • You know they’re the right systems for you – but not unless they can work together efficiently
  • You don’t want to invest more time or money dealing with expensive web development – both now and when you expand
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Automate your business

The solution

Patchworks will integrate Cybertill and Magento seamlessly, allowing you to:

  • Make software decisions worry-free – we can integrate a vast array of ERP, POS, and eCommerce systems to get them working together seamlessly
  • Avoid further expenses in the future – expanding and need to add another system to your infrastructure? Patchworks makes adding in new channels simple and cost-effective, e.g. Sage and Xero accounting software, or eBay and Amazon sales channels
  • Keep updated – we will maintain, update, and upgrade our integration software so you don’t have to worry about disruption to your service or sales
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Pre-built connectors

Our out-of-the-box connectors provide instant integration for your retail operation. Our integrations team are on hand to help you achieve the perfect configuration for your operation.


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