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Bigcommerce & Visual 2000

Having communication issues between Bigcommerce and Visual 2000?

Patchworks is a powerful integration platform that connects your eCommerce and ERP systems, delivering effective communication to accelerate your productivity.

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What can Patchworks do for you?

Patchworks transfers all of your key data in real-time between Bigcommerce and Visual 2000

  • Easy integration – Patchworks is pre-built, externally hosted and ready to be deployed to you now
  • Expert guidance – our integration consultants work with you at every step to ensure maximum efficiency of your systems
  • Time is money – automatically transfer your data to grow your business without increasing your outgoings
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Your problem

  • You don’t want to keep switching between platforms, you want to control your total operation from your ERP package
  • You don’t have the time or money to invest in new software or a custom integration development
  • You are finding it difficult to manage and organise all of your key data manually
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Our solution

Comprehensive integration of your software system with Patchworks

  • Accelerate your productivity – work smarter and more efficiently with real-time data transfer across all of your platforms
  • Real-time insight – increased visibility of your data for better control of your total operation
  • Protect your future – move into new sales channels and incorporate new software solutions effortlessly with Patchworks’ integration capabilities
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What Patchworks will do for you!

Pre-integration consultancy

  • Key business data systemised with Smart Data Mapping
  • Your inventory is checked for errors with Patchworks SKU cleanse

Bigcommerce and Visual 2000 integration

  • Improved insight into your day to day operation
  • Automated data flow to reduce cost and boost profit
  • Expert help to ensure maximum efficiency of your systems
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Find out how we helped Success Partners increase their conversion by 256%
Success Partners

Find out how we helped Success Partners increase their conversion by 256%

When launching 15 brand new ecommerce stores, Success Partners needed help unifying them with the rest of their IT ecosystem. As well as connecting these new stores to their other systems, we created custom functionalities to match the brand’s unique needs – paving the way for extraordinary growth.

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