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Bigcommerce & OpSuite

Frustrated with the lack of communication between your BigCommerce and OpSuite platforms?

Streamline your operation and remove barriers to your growth with the integration power of Patchworks.

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What can Patchworks do for you?

Patchworks provides real-time transfer of data between your eCommerce and EPoS systems, with a host of benefits:

  • Instant integration – no need to fret about disruptions and long development times; Patchworks is fully coded ready now for instant deployment!
  • Expert help – we work with you at every stage, providing invaluable consultation and advice, helping you to achieve the perfect setup for your operation
  • Save time and money – cut costs with reduced reliance on manual data entry
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Your problem

  • You want to expand your business, however, OpSuite and BigCommerce aren’t effectively sharing data as you want them to
  • You can’t afford to invest in new software or a custom integration development
  • Far too much of your business time is tied up re-entering data manually
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The solution

Total integration of your software system with Patchworks

  • Drive productivity – Patchworks handles your data flow in real-time, reducing the need for manual data entry to streamline your operation
  • Dedicated support – Patchworks is regularly maintained and updated to ensure that your software is always working as one
  • Guard your future – Patchworks drastically increases your expansion potential, allowing you to integrate a vast range of software platforms and sales channels, quickly and simply
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The Patchworks process

Pre-integration Consultancy

  • We use Smart Data Mapping to identify your key business data
  • Patchworks SKU cleanse eliminates potential duplications and errors in your inventory
  • Work with our highly experienced integrations team to achieve full productivity from your software setup

BigCommerce and OpSuite integration

  • Improved productivity – synchronised categories across multiple platforms
  • Reduced operational costs – automated data flow without the need for manual data entry
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Find out how we helped Success Partners increase their conversion by 256%
Success Partners

Find out how we helped Success Partners increase their conversion by 256%

When launching 15 brand new ecommerce stores, Success Partners needed help unifying them with the rest of their IT ecosystem. As well as connecting these new stores to their other systems, we created custom functionalities to match the brand’s unique needs – paving the way for extraordinary growth.

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