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Understanding SellOnTwitter with Shopify

Shopify API

At the end of September Shopify became the first ecommerce platform to offer merchants the chance to sell directly through Twitter. Although this has been available to a select few big businesses for some time, this move brings the functionality to small and medium sized ecommerce businesses for the first time. In this post, we outline what’s happened, and how ecommerce businesses using Shopify can take advantage of the news. What’s happened? Put simply, Shopify has signed a deal with Twitter to enable its merchants to integrate “buy now” buttons in their tweets, so customers can discover and buy products directly from Twitter. For Shopify merchants, this helps to transform Twitter from a great tool for marketing and product discovery, to a useful sales channel in its own right. At the time of writing, Shopify is the only ecommerce platform to offer this functionality, and it’s only available to customers in the US. As with any new functionality, it may take Shopify a couple of months to roll it out to merchants in the UK, but it will be available fairly soon. We also expect competing platforms to follow suit with similar deals in the coming months. How does it work? Integrating the new SellOnTwitter functionality within the Shopify platform is really easy for merchants – you can simply add the new Twitter sales channel. Once implemented, any tweet that contains a product will automatically have a buy button integrated within it, so your followers can start shopping and purchasing items directly from you straight away. When shoppers click on a buy now button, they’ll get immediate access to product information like size, style and colour, and can buy direct by entering their payment info and address. As a merchant, you’ll then receive the order in Shopify, just like with orders from any other platform. What does it mean? This is great news for Shopify merchants who already use twitter– and sees the maturation of the platform from marketing channel to sales channel. The opportunities for forward thinking ecommerce businesses are huge. Now, should a popular twitter influencer or celebrity re-tweet one of your products, it’s going to be much easier for their followers to make discovery purchases. The message is simple – if you’re on Shopify, then you need to add the Twitter sales channel as a priority. It has the potential to completely revolutionise the way you do business.