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Tips for ecommerce integration

Shopify API

It has never been easier to lose a customer. That sentence is worth reading a second time. Consumers are now fully empowered. Retail has changed forever and is set to change still. In a busy world of multichannel retailing, you really need to get under the skin of your customer these days to ensure that they don’t click away to your competitors. Integration can help you to compete more effectively and have the information that you require at your fingertips; all the information about a customer in one place for all departments to see. Here’s some useful tips to help you consider your ecommerce integration, with the success of your business in mind: Be joined-up Don’t keep your ecommerce department separate from the rest of your business. If you’re embracing ecommerce, you need to embrace integration. Collect the conversation Whether a customer chooses to contact you online, telephone you, email you or visit you face to face, you need to be putting the entire conversation in one place. Optimise your telesales Make sure that you get the most out of your telesales department. Consider their role in your business. Are they just there to deal with queries and complaints or should they be able to assist with orders and provide an ordering back up should the system go down? Twin visibility Following on from the previous point, wouldn’t it be great if the customer and the telesales / customer service operator could see the same shopping cart and work on any issues together? Ecommerce integration can enable this. Dynamic FAQs Integration could facilitate the development of a dynamic FAQ section that developed in response to the questions asked, giving customers more information and reducing the queries can come through by phone or email. Show stock in store Given them a reason to come and visit your store. If they know it’s in stock, they are more likely to make the journey. Keep your stock accurate though or it can backfire! Integrate store and online Empower your customers to shop as they wish. Order online for collection in store. Order in store for collection in store. Pick up from a store of their choice. If your systems are all integrated, everything is possible and your customers are happier. Make contact easy Too many businesses try and steer customers away from the phone or email. But these communication channels can have a positive sales impact and when integrated, allow you to build up a better profile of your customers. Multichannel incentive If a member of staff works in a store, make sure that their incentives covers a customer buying online. Otherwise their focus can be skewed against the objectives of the company, with a negative impact on sales and customer service. It sounds obvious but many businesses overlook this essential point.