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Team Patchworks on New Gymshark HQ

Team Patchworks on New Gymshark HQ

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patchworks_namecheck_new_gymshak_hqWorking in partnership with our customers and fellow suppliers is a key element to Patchworks’ success and, as such, we’re always delighted when our customers involve us in their launches, previews, celebrations, workshops and other events.

Last weekend saw four members of Team Patchworks invited to the launch of Gymshark’s awesome new HQ in Solihull. We’ve worked with Gymshark since 2016 and, as per the name-check during the festivities on Saturday, are proud of the part we’ve played in Gymshark’s explosive expansion.

Having had a few days to let the stardust settle, we got our team’s feedback on the new 42,000 sq ft GSHQ:


The Most Awesome Thing About GSHQ is…

  • Intelligent lighting - it turns on and off automatically, based on where people are. But that’s not all! It also changes the quality and temperature of the lights based on the time of day.
  • Heat Maps of GSHQ that enable their ops team to understand the how the office is being used throughout the day, week and month. Heaviest footfall vs lowest and many more metrics besides. Statto heaven!
  • Open plan office space with hot desking for all. No specified desks mean no silos and more opportunity for interaction and creativity.


So, GSHQ is Awesome, but even better if?

  • We were able to office share! (Ed. but we will be, or at least key tech team members will get the chance!)
  • A putting green in the outside space / garden. Mini Golf Heaven is there for the taking!
  • Even better if? Seriously?

If you could bring back ONE thing to Patchworks HQ?

  • Gymshark’s Ambassadors! ;-)
  • The lazy boys.
  • The sick boardroom.
  • Some of the chairs - GS have a great array with built-in power and USB sockets!
  • The nap pods.

(Ed. the team were asked to stop talking at this point and were taken downstairs for a cold shower.)


So, it's alright then?

Well yes. As you'd imagine. The time and effort that Gymshark have put into their new HQ have not been wasted and we can't wait to see how the next phase of their stratospheric growth story unfolds. Kudos to Gymshark for staying true to their culture whilst continuing to grow aggressively.

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