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Quick review of Netsuite ERP

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A long-standing software brand in a busy market, Netsuite is known and loved by many businesses, small and large. We take a look at what makes this software so useful. More than the sum of its parts It’s certainly more than a financial management tool these days. Granted, financial management is amply covered by Netsuite ERP, but it goes well beyond that remit. Also a customer relationship management (CRM) system, Netsuite supports sales forces and marketing automation in addition to order management. In fact Netsuite can be configured to offer an ecommerce business a rich set of tools that add value and easily integrate together. Customisable dashboards Netsuite offers tremendous customisation options when it comes to the dashboard and this feature is key when setting it apart from competitive systems. Starting with a number of pre-configured dashboards, Netsuite users can quickly and easily adapt what they see to suit their specific needs. Specific company roles can also enjoy a high level of customisation, whether to analyse data or highlight key performance indicators at a glance. Far more than a bookkeeper Never underestimate what Netsuite can do for your business. When we consider that ERP stands for “enterprise resource planning”, Netsuite is a fine example of this at work. Integrating with many back-office processes, Netsuite might start with the basic financial management tasks that more basic software can organise, but then it goes so much further and accommodates so much more. So Netsuite enables you to create invoices, pay bills and submit purchase orders with ease. Yet because it can also tell you exactly what you have in stock, customers can be supplied in a timely manner whilst you can maintain precise records of all your interactions. Netsuite can really help your business to run more smoothly. And then integrate it with your other systems We’re integrating systems every day at Patchworks and Netsuite is always a leading piece of software to work with. We can integrate Netsuite with a wide variety of other software platforms and in particular, many leading ecommerce systems. Such work can save hours spent carrying out mundane and repetitive data reconciliation whilst freeing resources to really focus on growing your business. If you’d like to discuss your systems integration requirements with us, please get in touch and we’d be happy to help you.