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Black Friday – are you ready?

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Just weeks away, Black Friday 2015 (27th November) is set to be the biggest sales day on the internet…ever! Yes, ever. So the question remains, is your business ready?

It’s been around for some time; initially originating in the USA and migrating to the UK through Amazon. Black Friday 2014 experienced explosive sales over a very short period and there were certainly some notable logistical and fulfilment failures reported from some big brand names. Nobody expected the scale of Black Friday to become what it was in 2014 and so 2015 is likely to be an even bigger beast.

Tips and thoughts to consider right now

Meanwhile, here’s our list of thoughts to help get you through the big event unscathed and hopefully having enjoyed a boost to your online sales:

  • Is your website prepared for a surge in Black Friday traffic? Check and test it now
  • What is your site’s mobile experience like? A huge amount of sales will come from mobile devices and if your user experience is poor, you need to improve it now
  • What if your website goes down? What is your contingency plan?
  • Have you got increased warehouse and fulfilment capacity ready to put in place?
  • Do you need to liaise with any suppliers about the potential increased demand?
  • Start talking to your customers about Black Friday as soon as you can – they’re already researching likely deals
  • Plan your special deals in good time – don’t do anything “last minute” that might be detrimental to your business
  • Establish a plan for your communications – how will you promote your deals? What emails and social media activity will you undertake?
  • Do you need to adjust your PPC campaign? Be aware that many words will become much more sought after during Black Friday season
  • Consider offering free returns over Black Friday if you don’t already
  • Consider installing online chat and ensure that your customer service system is primed and ready

Of course the best way to develop your ecommerce business so that it is primed and ready for sales opportunities such as this is to review your systems integration needs, to ensure that all parts of your business are freely talking – resulting is swift and efficient operations from order to delivery. Talk to us if you’d like some advice and guidance regarding your requirements for systems integration. We can help you to determine the right choices for your business and help you get where you want to be.